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New Project Blog Updates: November 2017

80’s Theme Charity Giving Campaign.

14th November 2017 By Darryl Kennedy

Title: 80’s Theme Charity Giving Campaign: Pledge Cards

Work for hire. Annual Charity Parity donation pledge cards.

The 2017 theme for the event was the 80’s. Federal Reserve Bank employees are offered the opportunity to give
pay-roll deductions to selected sponsored local community organizations.

Use of layout skills demonstrated using illustration stock art and created graphics.


Maximum Employment Info-Graphic

13th November 2017 By Darryl Kennedy

Info Graphic Educational Poster.
Title: Maximum Employment

My latest work for hire project. Poster was assigned as part of our support for the Federal Reserves Bank 6th District Educational Team (DET).

The target audience was middle school students. Info graphic helps to simplify the types of employment careers and their impact on the job market and economy.

DuRight Personal Brand Logo

13th October 2015 By Darryl Kennedy

With social media being the key to connecting our lives, products and business in every way imaginable, it is important for us to have a personal brand or identity particularly if we own a business. My latest logo project helped a new client first establish a visual identity based on his name and character.